Words and Music by Ashin

I, this miserable life, walking on the street, my shadow on the ground
It’s like my fear is stuck underfoot, seizing me and not letting go
I don’t understand, I’m not like this, I shouldn’t be like this
Sweat runs down my forehead and runs into my eyes

Why did you give me a beating heart
But forget to give me wings to fly
Everyday I live is this very boring place
Wishing so much to wander

Why did you give me a beating heart
And drop me down in this lonely battlefield
However vast this world is, that’s how far I want to pace
Is there even a little hope, let me go charge, heaven’s boundaries and ocean’s corners, 
let me go charge

Turn my soul into a paper box, mail it to the heavens
That light on the clouds, is that the form that hope takes
Everyday the sun hurriedly comes and goes
I feel like I’m slowly evaporating from this earth

我 爛命一條 走在路上 影子在地上
像 我的慌張 黏在腳下 抓著我不放
我不懂 我不是這樣 我不該這樣
額頭流下的汗 又流進眼眶

為什麼 要給我 一顆跳動的心臟
卻忘了 給我飛翔的翅膀
多麼 想要 流浪

為什麼要給我 一顆跳動的心臟
又把我 丟在這寂寞戰場
有沒有一點希望 讓我去闖 天涯海角 


把 我的靈魂 裝進紙箱 寄送到天堂
那 雲端的光 會不會是 希望的形狀
每一天 來了又走了匆忙的太陽
感覺自己蒸發 慢慢從這個 世界上

Language: Mandarin
Copyright 2002 by Rock Records
Translated by M. Oyen

Notes:   Charge is the Mandarin version of 永遠的永遠 Forever, Forever, from the 人生海海  People Life, Ocean Wild album.  It was written for release in mainland China.  Once again, the title is the most problematic part of the translation.  means to rush or to charge – saying just “let me go charge” in English sounds a little awkward – not nearly as poetic as it sounds in Chinese (讓我去闖).  Bedwetter has noted that it also means "to do it, venture in, enter" - the problem is trying to capture this in a single word. 

The original lyric for “heaven’s boundaries and ocean’s corners” is 天涯海角, which is an idiom that means a far distant, remote place.  It is such a lovely way of saying it, that I left in the direct translation, instead of replacing it with the idiom’s meaning.