Onion   洋蔥

詞曲 : 阿信
Music and Lyrics by Ashin

Originally Performed by Aska Yang

If only your gaze could land on me for a moment
If only you could hear the sound of my broken heart
Silently protecting you, silently waiting for a miracle
Silently making myself disappear into the background

Everyone is eating, chatting, laughing, tonight they’re so happy
In the furthest corner there I am, smiling with everyone
I’m like the onions in the bottom of the dish, just there for flavor
Stealing glances at you, stealing chances to hide myself

If you were willing to peel away the layers surrounding my heart
You’d realize, you’d marvel that
You are my deepest, darkest secret

If you were willing to peal away the layers surrounding my heart
You would feel the sting of tears
I want you to hear me, see my sincerity

I heard about you and yours, this ambiguous atmosphere
My broken hopes and I feign humor
I’m like an onion, forever in a supporting role
How I wish to have a moment for just the two of us

如果你眼神能夠為我 片刻的降臨
如果你能聽到 心碎的聲音
沉默的守護著你 沉默的等奇蹟
沉默的讓自己 像是空氣

大家都吃著聊著笑著 今晚多開心
最角落裡的我 笑得多合群
盤底的洋蔥像我 永遠是調味品
偷偷的看著你 偷偷的隱藏著自己

如果你願意一層一層一層 的剝開我的心
你會發現 你會訝異
你是我 最壓抑 最深處的秘密

如果你願意一層一層一層 的剝開我的心
你會鼻酸 你會流淚
只要你能 聽到我 看到我的全心全意

聽妳說妳和妳的他們 曖昧的空氣
我和我的絕望 裝得很風趣
我就像一顆洋蔥 永遠是配角戲
多希望能與妳 有一秒 專屬的劇情

Language: Mandarin
Copyright 2008 by Warner Music
Translated by JC and Merry

Notes:  Ashin wrote this song for Aska Yang after hearing that the press once nicknamed him "Onion-head."   Mayday has also performed this song live in concert during the "Return to Earth" tour of 2008.