Words and Music by Ashin

Why aren’t milk shakes sweet, why isn’t the landscape beautiful
Because when you’re by my side, the rest of the world is missing its center
From the start the expression in your eyes was especially affectionate
We weren’t wearing shoes, crossing barefoot, whispering together

Before this, just who was I?  You appeared
Before my eyes, in a moment, everything changed

Happy birth day, you’re at my side
I’d suffer beside you this lifetime, and we’ll surpass heaven one day
Happy birth day, say goodbye to yesterday’s sadness
From the time I met you, that was my happy birth day

Kites and the wind are tangled together, the poet and his poem go round in circles
You’re sitting by my side, this kind of happiness is impossible to describe
I’ve traveled around the world, seen so many stewardesses
None were as beautiful as you, the first model can only sparkle beside you

Why is that when I’m happy, tears can still fall, watering my wilderness, roses bloom abundantly

I’m not tired, I don’t sleep, I don’t rest, I don’t close my eyes
I don’t want to waste a second when you’re in this world


Notes: this song was a solo release by Ashin, minus the rest of Mayday.  About the stewardesses - as in Little Nurse 小護士, it's hard to decide if the reference is sexist or just honest (most heterosexual men I know delight in the idea of a pretty nurse or flight attendant tending to their every need).  Still, in Asia, many Airlines still have strict rules about the appearances of their female flight attendants, ranging from weight restrictions to hair and makeup requirements.  So if Ashin flew around the world on, say, Singapore Airlines, chances are he really has seen a lot of very beautiful women.