I Love You 無望   I Love You, Hopeless

作詞:阿信 作曲:阿信
Words and Music by Ashin

It’s your shadow that makes me have this dream every night
The loveable person in the dream, is none other

My every day, every minute I can’t relax
You are the person I love, but you’re mocking me

The September wind blows, why does it chill me to the bottom of my heart
Hope turns into hopelessness, determining my entire life

I love you, it's hopeless, is this the kind of person you are
There’s no way to be together, and no way to give it up

I love you, it's hopeless, this is the kind of person I am
There is no one by my side, only the memory of you with me every day

是你的形影 叫我逐天作眠夢
夢中可愛的人 伊不是別人

我的每一天 一分鐘也不當輕鬆
你是我愛的人 將我來戲弄

九月的風在吹 哪會寒到心肝底

希望變無望 決定我的一世人

I love you 
無望 你甘是這款人
沒法度來作陣 也沒法度將我放

I love you 
無望 我就是這款人
我身邊沒半項 只有對你的思念 陪伴我的每一天

Language: Taiwanese/Hokkien
Copyright 1999 by Rock Records
Translated by M. Oyen