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軋車  Motor Rock

作 詞:阿信 作曲:阿信
Words and Music by Ashin

Why is it that A-hua and A-jiao don’t like me
My bike’s technology is first class, no one can beat me
Why is it that this school’s teachers don’t love me
Is it because I don’t understand A B C D, so they think I’m too stupid to bother teaching

My old man and ma scold me all day, blathering on,  I don’t know what about
Why is it this way, my life is filled with questions
For now the best thing is for to us go race

Let's go race, let's go race, who cares if the cops arrest us, who cares if our parents scold us
With my engine reving, no one can beat me, here I’m the fastest, the coolest, the best

Why does today’s audience all applaud me
They all think I’m just like a Super Star  La la la
La La La La La La La I ride, the faster I go, the better I feel, I want to sing a song

My head feels like it’s flying, my body is trembling, the wind is drying my sweating heart
How can I feel this good?  If you want to know, then come race with me

是 按怎阿花和阿嬌 攏無佳意我 
我撇車技術一流 無人和我軋

是 按怎學校的老師 攏無疼痛我 
ABCD看 無 卡憨就攏免教

老 爸老母歸工底罵 喋喋喋唸無知唸啥

是 按怎哪會按呢 身邊的問題一攤
這 時陣上好作陣來去軋車

作 陣來軋車 作陣來軋車 毋管伊警察底抓 毋管伊父母底罵
只 要我引擎催落 無人可當甲我軋 在這我最快 最ㄆㄚ 最大


逐 家看我一個親像Super Star  La La La
La La La La La La La

頭 腦底飛 身軀底顫 風底吹我 心底流汗

是 按怎那會這爽 要瞭解我的感覺 這時陣上好作陣來去軋車

Language: Taiwanese/Hokkien
Copyright 1999 by Rock Records
Translated by C.C. and Merry

Notes:  In the original lyrics, the parents scold,  喋喋喋唸” – means babble, so basically he’s a kid who’s not listening to the details. Thanks to R. (and a mystery person on the Taiwanese PTT) for helping  improve the translation of this line.   A-hua and A-jiao are meant to be generic names of other kids.  (Or maybe A-jiao is short for Chunjiao... she seems hard to impress!)