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China, the Holocaust, and sodagreen

Yom Hashoah begins at sundown today and continues through tomorrow. This seems to me like the right time to revive my long (long) dormant blog and talk about sodagreen’s recent foray into Holocaust remembrance. The song “He Raised His Right … Continue reading

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The Grammys theory of the GMAs

Okay, it’s pretty fun to see Mayday in the Wall Street Journal. It’s only fair, you know, since Mayday has name-checked Wall Street twice in their songs (“Noah’s Ark” and “Good night, Earthlings”). Nothing in the post-GMA news has surprised … Continue reading

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Why Ashin really is “Ok-la”

Wow. We’ve come a long way, baby. Today the 23rd Annual Golden Melody Awards held their award ceremony. And Mayday won six of seven awards for which it was nominated. Six of seven. They won: Best Arrangement, Best Band, Best … Continue reading

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Mayday at Wembley, according to the BBC

Okay campers, the boys have already made the Washington Post, and now they’re on the BBC! (Okay, the Chinese version, but still.) Here’s a quick and dirty translation: On March 27, famous Taiwanese band Mayday held their first concert in … Continue reading

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For what it’s worth

I’ve finally started updating the main site with translations from the new album. Well, I’ve put up the index pages, at least; I have translations done, but it’s been so long since I’ve updated my site I have to remember … Continue reading

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I know I have complained a lot about Ashin’s fashion sense…

… but in this appearance at Richie Jen’s concert, his choice of ensemble is clearly the best. (Is that suit painted on?)

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Ashin’s brand and Monster’s daughter

On March 3, Mayday will hold a concert – “Just Love It! I’m not willing to leave you all alone” – in Taichung. In honor of the occasion, the band donated NT$10 million to a charity for aiding children in … Continue reading

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Little inanities in the news

Mayday’s latest video, “Cheers (乾杯),” explores one life from start to finish. (Rather not unlike “Like Smoke,” as one’s own mortality has been quite a theme for the band in recent years. Are they feeling their age? They’re not exactly … Continue reading

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Taking the World by Storm

It occurs to me now, in re-reading that last post, that I forgot to mention that yes, I’d be back in the new year, but that I’d also be traveling with limited internet access most of January. Hmm. Well, anyway, … Continue reading

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Entering the New Year with a Bang

So I only just figured out why Mayday was opening the New Year’s show this year, rather than bringing the house down at the end: they were playing a few opening numbers by Taipei City Hall, then racing off to … Continue reading

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