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She lives!

Well, it’s officially been so long since I’ve posted (not to mention cleared the spam comments – I’m still wiping all that stuff off my fingers) that I feel a certain freedom to make grandiose confessions. For example: it took … Continue reading

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Mayday in Research!

Just a quick note before I pick up the Beijing concert reports: a fellow fan in Taiwan has come up with the rather clever idea of writing her Master’s thesis on overseas fans of Mayday. It occurs to me that … Continue reading

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The Mayday Americas Experiment

Well, after a reasonably noble effort, the idea of an English language, all-Mayday forum seems to be a bit ahead of its time. We’re thinking of suspending the site for now (there’s talk of replacing it with a Facebook group, … Continue reading

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I’m updating my WordPress installation, so the Chinese characters will go all wonky until I figure out how to restore them again (this has happened before). This little glitch in WordPress tempts me to go far too long between upgrades, … Continue reading

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Whoops, I forgot to post before I left, but within about 48 hours of finishing a week of round-the-clock grading at the end of the term I was up a mountain in Dali, Yunnan, reading a book and ignoring my … Continue reading

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Happy National Day…

…Singaporeans!! See, I said I’d try to remember to account for the time difference and post a day early this year. (It is still the 8th in MN, just not in DC, where I set the clock for the blog!)

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Happy New Year!

Boy, do I wish Chinese New Year was a holiday here. I don’t even need the whole week off. I’d settle for just tomorrow. (I’m quite reasonable.) Oh well… Have a good year of the, erm, mouse? Mickey, that is:

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Happy National Day

To all our Singaporean friends 😀 If I had been thinking intelligently about the 12-hour time difference, I would have posted this last night. Well, there’s always next year.

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Happy Fourth of July!

Because really, even if you are not off celebrating American independence today, you should still do your best to enjoy the fourth (not unlike the third and the fifth). We’re off to downtown D.C. for big crowds and patriotic fervor, … Continue reading

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O Canada!

In light of the fact that they are hosting two Mayday concerts this summer and so many of us are looking forward to a trip north of the border, I thought I’d take this opportunity to wish all the Canadians … Continue reading

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