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“Fat Mum Rises”?

In January, some sort of “Golden Melody Awards Committee” – which is not, I believe, actually affiliated with Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards – named their ten best Mandarin (and Cantonese, etc.) albums of 2009. I though this list was particularly … Continue reading

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Mainland Indie Rock bands touring the US

Wow, more great music touring news. First, a confession: Hedgehog and several other artists from the largest Chinese indie rock label, Modern Sky, toured the US in September. I saw the news about it, then got all tied up with … Continue reading

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The sappy side of Peng Tan

The news broke recently that endlessly adorable mainland singer-songwriter Peng Tan has been dating mainland supermodel Chun Xiao (春晓). After the news came out about their relationship, they went into the studio to record a duet, “Our Little World (我们的小世界).” … Continue reading

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A Taiwanese “Oasis”?

So I went to look up Mayday news the other day, and almost everything I came up with was about somebody else. For example, this article has a reference to Mayday in it, but it is actually all about the … Continue reading

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Need it, got it, need it…

I am pausing to take stock in the new 2008 albums, an exercise sparked by the news that 1976 has a new album coming out shortly. The Taipei band has been on the scene for 12 years already, and their … Continue reading

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Fusion and Mayday, face to face

I’m realizing I don’t actually know that much about Fusion’s history as a band (though this problem is partly linked to my ongoing wish that they had picked a more Google-able name). So, Converse had sponsored an event with Jonathan … Continue reading

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Music profits in the age of piracy

The BBC had an interesting article this week about music piracy in China and internationally. It explains how Chinese record companies have pretty much thrown in the towel and given up on the idea that they will get profits from … Continue reading

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Peng Tan – at last, at last

Okay, I have been looking for this forever. Here’s the story. A few years ago I spent a year in China, and while there I bought a random new Chinese music album every week just for fun. Sometimes it was … Continue reading

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The news (such as it is) in brief

Okay, is it just me, or was there not actually much in the way of Mayday news last week? This makes me happy, of course, because I have a few thousand things to do this week beyond recovering from jet-lag, … Continue reading

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Sodagreen, Peng Tan interregnum

It’s like a little intermission from Mayday in North America Week. I found much to amuse me in a pair of stories on light rock from either side of the strait. Sodagreen frontman Qingfeng is filling in for an absent … Continue reading

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