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China, the Holocaust, and sodagreen

Yom Hashoah begins at sundown today and continues through tomorrow. This seems to me like the right time to revive my long (long) dormant blog and talk about sodagreen’s recent foray into Holocaust remembrance. The song “He Raised His Right … Continue reading

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The Grammys theory of the GMAs

Okay, it’s pretty fun to see Mayday in the Wall Street Journal. It’s only fair, you know, since Mayday has name-checked Wall Street twice in their songs (“Noah’s Ark” and “Good night, Earthlings”). Nothing in the post-GMA news has surprised … Continue reading

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Soda.H.E (sigh)

Okay, important question: is this the absolute worst picture of Jiakai that has ever been and will ever be? My vote is “yes.” With both Mayday and sodagreen having put out new, end of the year albums, I imagine the … Continue reading

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22nd Golden Melody Awards Nominees

…and I’m doing my annual rant against Cowboy Jay. Seriously, though, when half-hearted, thrown-together albums for Jay are really the best the industry has to offer, they’ve had a painfully tough year. Though generally speaking, I don’t really buy that … Continue reading

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Let’s go in order of importance

(Okay, first I’m going to admit something embarrassing – I’ve been doing a lot of traveling for the last month, mostly with my new computer, and I couldn’t log into my blog because I forgot the password. How sad is … Continue reading

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One song, two languages

The link to the video for sodagreen’s Mandarin version of “No Sleep” has been floating around Facebook, and it has me thinking about when one song gets recorded in two languages. Often, the second recording really suffers – the original … Continue reading

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In which all the news is less interesting than my spam mail

Because my email address is on this website, the account gets a truly awe-inspiring amount of spam. This has made me somewhat of a connoisseur (though it has also made me a bit slow on replies to real mail, since … Continue reading

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Ashin’s Guide to Music for Running

[Ashin has a newish (August 12) blog entry on a subject very close to my heart: music for jogging and running. As a result, I had to translate, but I could not help having a lot of editorial comments – … Continue reading

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New from sodagreen: “Once in a Lifetime”

sodagreen might be dealing with some personnel issues while A-gong is off being militarily inclined, but that hasn’t stopped them from producing new songs. The band will release it’s second live CD and concert DVD this month, showing off the … Continue reading

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Golden Melody Results

I forgot to mention it before I left, but I’ve been out touring Vietnam and assorted other locations for the last week, and – gasp – did not bring my computer with me. I’m heading stateside tomorrow, and traveling still … Continue reading

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