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Plagiarism charges against the 秒殺 video

According to this article, the music video for the joint Energy-Mayday production, “Instant Death (秒殺),” bears more than a coincidental resemblance to the video for “Scream,” by Glay and Exile. The charges, incidentally, are not that the song itself has … Continue reading

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Perplexing, at the very least

The one thing I don’t really get about Taiwan – or China, for that matter – is why there is so much nonsensical English floating around when there are so many residents who are native speakers. I think this often, … Continue reading

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Four-star hotels and the tanks thrown in for free

For reasons that are beyond all understanding, in Hong Kong has posted a story today in their travel section called, “Amazing Thailand!”  The short article – which, yes, is dated September 22 – lists some of the many attractions … Continue reading

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UPDATE: Translated Lyrics for “秒殺” are here. Two songs on Energy’s new album, including Mayday’s contribution “秒殺,” have not survived the Chinese censors and will not be released on the mainland. The lyrics were deemed too violent, and protests that … Continue reading

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Monster’s Mom

This is a very sad story, but one I’ve been wondering about for a while. I have the reunion concert on DVD (purchased as a consolation after I left Taipei for DC just days before the concert, setting in motion … Continue reading

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More of the same

This is not news – it was reported some time ago that Fish Leong would be heading over to Mayday’s new independent label after her 2006 album – though the fact that the first paragraph highlights the fact that she … Continue reading

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Fish Leong’s New Album

If you were to look closely throughout this website, you’d see a genuine confusion on my part on how to refer in English to 梁靜茹. Pinyin doesn’t work: Liang Jingru is the one way you never see her name written. … Continue reading

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Glad tidings

It’s being reported that Stone’s wife of four years, Gou-gou (狗狗), is pregnant with their first child. Coming on the heels of the revelation that Guanyou/Ming’s wife is also pregnant, this means that Mayday might need to build a nursery … Continue reading

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MTV mandopop extravaganza in Taipei

From the sound of things, as good a showing as Mayday had at this massive concert of 25 artists, Mayday fans did one better. Apparently it was clear that Mayday and (Japanese boyband) “w-inds” (of the funny hyphen) had the … Continue reading

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More Champion press

I did something this last weekend that I haven’t done in years: I went away for three days and didn’t bring my computer with me. Oh, it was lovely… I pretended I was no longer a student, and read books … Continue reading

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