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Global Chinese Music Awards

Congratulations to Mayday for their awards at the Global Chinese Music Awards last night. Mayday won the award for best music group, and was named one of the give best composing artists. In addition, Ashin won the award for best … Continue reading

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Victor Wong: Incurable

Singer 品冠, a.k.a. Victor Wong (no, not that Victor Wong) left Rock Records when his contact was up in February, and after considering the range of options, he signed on with Mayday’s new record company. His new album, Incurably in … Continue reading

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Kudos to Ashin

Ashin’s composition “Eternal Summer (盛夏光年),” for the movie Eternal Summer, has been nominated for a Golden Horse Award (Taiwan’s version of the Oscars), for “Best original film song.”  (The website has an English page, but although it lists “Eternal Summer” … Continue reading

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The boys are back

This article clears up that lingering question of what the entire band sans drummer was doing in Tokyo while Guanyou’s daughter was born:  Mayday was recording its new album, which is due out at the end of the year. Let’s … Continue reading

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Now that’s just creepy

Somebody tell me I’ve translated this wrong. A more complete story on the Shin Band’s Ashin’s comments before a press conference on the mainland refers once again to his claims that in fact, the Shin Band and Mayday are actually … Continue reading

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Our Good Friends, the Shin Band

Okay, I’m very skeptical about this.   While touring in China, Shin Band lead singer claimed that the talk of his band and Mayday not getting along is all just a misunderstanding; in reality, they are good friends.  The media asked, … Continue reading

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Mayday: The Next Generation

As of around 11:30 Friday Morning (October 20), Mayday drummer Guanyou (Ming) became father to a little girl. Apparently, the rest of the boys were in Japan on private business (hmmm, all of them?), but received his text messages excitedly … Continue reading

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Giving in to the inevitable

So in spite of my very best efforts to turn my cousin into a Mayday fan, he is rather indifferent to some of the new releases, but crazy about Wang Leehom’s last album, Heroes of the Earth. Argh. I’ve given … Continue reading

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Who can sing Jay Chou’s songs?

No, this is not about a karaoke contest. (Confession: I totally can’t sing Jay’s songs, with a very few exceptions, like “藉口,” which is slow and has mercifully few words.) This article talks about the sheer number of song requests … Continue reading

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“Eternal Summer (盛夏光年)”

I’ve posted the lyrics (in an experiment with combining Chinese and English – let me know if anyone has strong opinions on the utility of this) and a link to the video at YouTube, here. Personally, the intro reminds me … Continue reading

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