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Praise from an unexpected source

Jay Chou (周杰倫) is after a new style of music.  Long known for his R&B style of music, lately Jay has been breaking out and experimenting with rock and hard rock (Heavy Metal Jay?  Hard to picture).  He makes use … Continue reading

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December Album Competition

Mayday will be in good company putting out their album next month, as a variety of Mandopop artists plan to do likewise.  Artists releasing albums next month include: Faith Yang (楊乃文), Stanley Huang (黃立行)、Gigi Leong (梁詠琪), Vanness Wu (吳建豪), and … Continue reading

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Two new translations up

One is “First Day (第一天),” which was a collaboration between Stephanie Sun (孫燕姿), F.I.R. and Mayday last year. The other is Victor Wong’s new single, “Incurable (無可救藥).” In both cases, I’ve left in the Chinese lyrics. I imagine I’ll edit … Continue reading

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By the way…

If anyone has or knows of a blog or a website (in English especially, but also Chinese) about Mayday, Mandopop (i.e. Chinese language music), or Chinese-English translation that they think I should link to , let me know and I’ll … Continue reading

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The Fish/Mayday Christmas Concert

This December 24 in Shanghai, Fish Leong and Mayday will team up for a concert of favorite hits, named in Chinese the “暖暖戀愛ing 聖誕狂歡夜,” or the “Warm Love-ing Evening of Christmas Rejoicing” (how ungainly – though it combines song titles … Continue reading

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Around the world and back again…

If you had asked me a few years ago which was more likely, that by the end of this year I’d have an opportunity to see Mayday in concert or shake hands with Taiwan (R.O.C.) President Chen Shui-bian, I can … Continue reading

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Little Miss Xbox Liu

“Long out of the public eye” (really?  What’s long in mandopop terms, three weeks?), Mayday emerged to promote the Xbox gaming system in Taiwan. The boys were teasing new dad Guanyou about the fact that his daughter still has no … Continue reading

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