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A first for everything

From, talking about the Fusion show in Las Vegas next month:  “Other Chinese performers include popular Taiwan punk band Mayday and rock band Shin.” Okay, who wants to bet the writers got the terms “pop band” and “punk band” … Continue reading

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Would Fish Leong Make a Good Wife?

Of course she would, said Masa on Taiwan entertainment program Kangxi Lai Le (康熙來了), she’s a good cook. … I suppose we can’t blame Masa too much for this one, as he was cornered and being asked repeatedly about his … Continue reading

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(*sigh*) Ashin helps fans apply make-up

Here we have the rare Mayday-related event that I do not particularly wish I could have been a part of. Ashin helps fans apply the lipgloss he promotes for Guerlin. He designed the bottles and the free bag, apparently, which … Continue reading

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Bringing Down the House in Xinchu

The third of Mayday’s free album-promotion concerts took place the other day, and as promised, it was an “extra strong, winter edition.” Mayday rocked, the fans were delighted, everyone’s thrilled… etc., etc., etc. (which I can’t type without hearing Yul … Continue reading

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Late to the Party

Mayday left Shanghai the morning after the music awards to head to Beijing for a press conference.  Because their flight was delayed, they were more than two hours late.  After arriving, the apologized to the waiting press and answered questions.  … Continue reading

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Victor Wong Translations

I’ve posted translations for the other three songs on Victor Wong’s Incurably in Love that had lyrics written by Ashin: 楓葉紅麵館 Red Maple Leaf Noodle Shop 朋友變情人再變朋友 Friends Become Lovers Then Again Become Friends 座右銘 The Maxim I meant to … Continue reading

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Chinese Music Awards (Mainland)

For the sixth consecutive year, Mayday wins as the best band from Hong Kong or Taiwan. (Note: All categories of awards are split for best artist from the Chinese mainland and best artist from the rest of the Chinese-speaking world, … Continue reading

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Viva Las Vegas

Next month, Aladdin Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada will host a “Fusion” Music Festival. The first night, Febraury 13th, will feature Chinese-language music acts and the second night, February 14th, will feature English-language acts. Now, here’s the big news. Included … Continue reading

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Ashin’s Favorite Lip Gloss

I have a sneeking suspicion that if I spent more time reading Chinese message boards (and then, inevitably, less time doing my actual work), this article might not have caught me so off guard. Ashin has a unique solo project … Continue reading

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Mayday for Kaohsiung City Mayor?

Hey, if Arnold and Jesse can be governors… This report gives a glowing review of the January 13th concert in the southern Taiwan city.  It claims that the boys conducted about 80% of the concert in Taiwanese in order to … Continue reading

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