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Leehom Concert Report

This weekend marked the second (and final) part of my “February 2007 Mandopop Casino Tour.” I wish it had occurred to me to make t-shirts. [Part one, of course, was the Fusion concert in Las Vegas.] Before I wax poetic … Continue reading

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Coming to terms with “baby”

With this chorus: 是我的 朋友 就是 我的baby 就算你 打我 踢我 也都ok 就是要 寵你 寵你 寵上了天 天堂 整個 搬到你身邊 Mayday joined the club of Mandopop artists using the random “baby.” It is not always a happy place to be: Oh Baby Baby Baby MY Baby Baby 我絕不能失去你 你手心 你聲音 還佔領我的心 怎能忘記 想你就像是呼吸 Oh Baby Baby My … Continue reading

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News will be light…

…until Chinese new year is over.  No, I’m not going crazy with my celebrations, which pretty much ended with our New Year’s Eve highjinks.  Mayday was given a week off to rest following last week’s craziness (they apparently flew back … Continue reading

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Finally, true insights

Thankfully, Steve has his review of the “Born to Love (為愛而生)” album up at MaydayBlue (on I have gotten into the habit of waiting for his opinion of the music before forming my final conclusions on new albums (and … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

We’re getting ready to welcome the year of the pig in style with some dumpling making.  Fortunately for us, we have: 1. a good Chinese friend willing to keep his phone on to act as the “dumpling help line” and … Continue reading

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Vegas Concert Report

Well. Something remarkable has happened. I was in the same place as Mayday when they were performing, and the world did not come to an end. After so many near misses, I barely thought it possible. I’m visiting family this … Continue reading

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Mayday fined for excessive noise

And frankly, they seem quite proud of it.  At an event to promote the latest Xbox, Mayday sang a number of their songs, but was informed that their volume exceeded the permitted 85 decibels.  The band’s response?  They might have … Continue reading

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Ashin chases his dream of going solo

Finally, finally, he gets his chance.  At the Taichung (台中) Born to Love concert, Ashin demonstrated his talent on the drums.   As he got more and more enthusiastic about it – even performing a short solo for the screaming … Continue reading

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Shin Band and Mayday take the stage together

The Shin Band’s Ashin once again talks to the press about how the two acts are actually friends behind the scenes. I would believe this more if anyone from Mayday actually affirmed it, rather than just having the Shin Band … Continue reading

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