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News round-up

The mainland mini concert tour is over, and I am glad. Although I did get a new Chinese vocabulary word out of the deal: it seems that quite apart from cows or the lead singer of Champion, “黃牛” refers to … Continue reading

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Mayday not breaking up!

No really! You heard it here…. er….. most recently. *heavy sigh* Yeah, I’m bored by all the “the Shin Band broke up, will Ashin go solo too?” stuff. Come on, can’t we go at least three or four days without … Continue reading

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Welcome to our world…

…little baby Stone He’s two weeks early, but Stone and Gougou’s son arrived on the afternoon of March 26, and weighed in at 6.87 pounds. He’s healthy, and Mom and Dad are proud and delighted. Gougou felt some unusual pangs … Continue reading

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. . . . . . The Death of the Shin Band . . . . . .

— or — 蘇見信, 你到底在想甚麼? I think that for a lot of Mayday fans, the Shin Band (信樂團) was the band we loved to hate. Take two nominally “rock” bands from Taiwan, each with five members and a lead singer … Continue reading

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Mayday in Chengdu

Ashin is already married! Married to music, that is. Heh, heh. Yeah, he’s getting as punchy as I am with all the repetitive questions. As for the Shin Band and all that, Mayday has been making headlines lately saying that … Continue reading

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Mayday in Wuhan

It rained. Oh, you wanted a bit more, did you? Yeah, well, the concert was a grand success, the free tickets went for high prices online, Stone was missed (he’s still in Taipei, waiting for his wife to go into … Continue reading

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Mayday in Guangzhou

The headline-making aspect of this story, apparently, is that being the first time that Mayday has performed in the southern city of Guangzhou, China, the concert was sponsored by BenQ and tickets were free – so many coeds cut classes … Continue reading

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Mayday in Singapore

Good news for Mayday fans in Singapore – the band was 50 minutes late to their press conference last week, so band leader Monster declared a self-imposed “fine” – they’ll play an extra 50 minutes at their concert in June. … Continue reading

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Charitable Mayday

Okay, get ready. I finally finished my remittances draft, and other than having inadvertantly memorized the exchange rates between Hong Kong dollars, British Pounds Sterling, and US Dollars circa 1952 (which is sure to come in handy at cocktail parties), … Continue reading

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“Aprilday” Speaks Out

This little piece caught my eye, so there goes the dream of catching up on the news in chronological order. But this article just about covers it all at once (not completely though…). Mayday spoke at a BENQ-arranged press conference … Continue reading

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