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and I’m off…

In a few hours, I’m heading to England to celebrate May Day, my birthday, and Cinco de Mayo/“Mayday Day” (er, right) with my sister. In spite of how weak the dollar is against the pound, I’m counting on a week … Continue reading

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Gossip Mongering (in lieu of actual news)

Okay, is it just me, or does it seem like Ashin is actually leaning away from the kiss, instead of into it? It sort of looks like she’s on the prowl. I’m no longer sure I believe Selina when she … Continue reading

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Ashin and Selina, Sitting in a Tree…

Heh. You know what comes next : And here’s me thinking it’s a slow news week. (I consistently have trouble with this website, so if the picture goes away, I’ll try to find a stable URI later.) In spite of … Continue reading

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Any takers?

This bit of news reminded me that two of the most famous ABCs (American Born Chinese) in the Mandopop industry, Vanness Wu (吳建豪) and Leehom Wang (王力宏), are both putting out new albums this spring. Someone has *got* to open … Continue reading

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Lingering effects of the Angela/Sodagreen collaboration

As I’ve noted, Sodagreen appeared at Angela Chang’s Taipei concert and together, they sang Qingfeng’s song “Blue Eyes (藍眼睛).” For the time being, there is no plan to record the song on new albums by either artist, but the live … Continue reading

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Hihg 不 Hihg???

The most interesting thing about this article might just be the spelling mistake in the mandopop English favorite, “high.” I’m a notoriously bad speller myself (I grant things like this are very obviously typos… though the article makes the same … Continue reading

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A Grain of Salt…

…is required with this story, I think. Or maybe a block of salt… perhaps a mine? The headline is “Fish Leong Concert in Hong Kong, Masa refuses to take the stage.” So there you see what we’re dealing with. The … Continue reading

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An Apology.

A few kind souls (*cough* like my sister *cough*) have brought to my attention the fact that I may have allowed my general distaste for Champion’s music and the cronyism involved in their meteoric rise to fame to impair my … Continue reading

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Shida High School’s 60th Anniversary Concert

Mayday, Sodagreen, Champion, Relaxone (輕鬆玩樂團) A-pay (阿霈樂團), and Evan Yo (蔡旻佑) all turned up on Saturday night for a rock concert to benefit the 60th anniversary of their alma mater, Shida High School. It sounds like Mayday headlined the five … Continue reading

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Fundraising for the Senior Set

Mayday seems to have been quite busy this weekend. Yesterday they helped out with a fundraiser to benefit the Huashan Social Welfare Foundation, for which they previously shot an ad. On the scene were the three elderly gentlement meant to … Continue reading

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