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A May-December Romance for Monster?

The small “Born to Love” concert in Tokyo went off without a hitch. The 600 tickets sold out in a single day last March, and the fans were full of excitement and energy as Mayday took the stage. They apparently … Continue reading

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So much for the United Front

See? This is exactly what George Washington was worried about when he warned about the dangers of entangling alliances (okay, so this might not have been the *exact* situation he was picturing – his concerns had more to do with … Continue reading

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It’s Shanghai, Baby

Mayday fans in Shanghai camped out overnight to buy the most expensive of the VIP tickets for the October concert; in about three hours, they were sold out (or very close to sold out… conflict in English and Chinese reporting … Continue reading

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The Mandopop Balance of Power

Voters for the new “favorite artist” award at the Golden Melody awards have apparently decided to take a page from international power politics. Instead of the “go it alone” mentality in which each group of fans tries energetically to support … Continue reading

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Under the Claw of the Dragon

In light of the song’s history, it seems appropriate to post a translation of Leehom’s “Heirs of the Dragon” (or “Descendants of the Dragon”) this week. Actually, if you have ten minutes and access to Google, you could find a … Continue reading

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And they’re off to Japan

This weekend, Mayday is off to Tokyo. Stone (who speaks English) and Monster (who can speak some simple Japanese) will be presenting an award at the MTV Japan music awards. Mayday is nominated for “Best Chinese Act” as well. Beyond … Continue reading

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A Starlet Is Born

Fish Leong’s new album will be out in July, and it will include three Cantonese tracks in addition to the standard ten Mandarin songs. It seems that Fish speaks Cantonese – though rarely these days – so although the songs … Continue reading

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Jump! in Shanghai

Okay, let me just get this out of the way first. Memo to Mayday’s management/concert promoter: just publish the damn tour schedule already. Or at the very least, update the website every once in a while. Taipei – and now … Continue reading

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Singapore Goes Green

Nope, not environmental news. Sodagreen is taking its first major promotional trip at the end of the month, heading to Singapore for a few days of simple concerts and autograph sessions. They’ll be singing on June 1, signing on June … Continue reading

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Ah, so definitely the scandal that wasn’t

I doubt anyone who has followed Mayday for any length of time put much stock in this story – it seemed too bizarre to be true – and now it seems like that is, in fact, the case. Both fans … Continue reading

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