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Rockin’ Guangzhou

Mayday has announced its special guest for the concert in Guangzhou next week, and it is Hong Kong rock band Beyond’s bass player, Wong Ku Keung (黃加強). Mayday has long admired Beyond, and both bands play in a sort of … Continue reading

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Monster in Love?

Er, who knows, but this looks like a clever publicity scheme. I think the the over-50 crowd can breathe a big sigh of relief. B’in Music (相信音樂), Mayday’s self-owned, self-run label, has signed a singer by the name of, er, … Continue reading

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Mayday to Fans: Your Studies Come First

Originally tickets for the Beijing concerts (August 4 and 5) were supposed to go on sale early this month, but Mayday asked that the timeline be extended a bit to accommodate the middle school students still preparing for their high … Continue reading

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Vancouver Concert Tickets on Sale

Now! And here! Oh, it’s all so very exciting. I’m aiming for Toronto myself, though, so I’m still waiting semi-patiently. I wonder if the Vancouver model will be the same in Toronto, with the “superfan” section in the front, and … Continue reading

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Oh for the love of…

It’s the whole family now. Really. I have this story from my mom, who finds it hilarious. She’s right, of course, but it is still a bit exasperating. My dad, who has not listened to popular music in any language … Continue reading

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Victor Wong (品冠) in Beijing

There’s not much to this report, but it seems his first solo concert in the Chinese capital city went off without a hitch. Fish Leong was, unusually, not acting as a special guest (she sang a duet with him a … Continue reading

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Sodagreen News Briefs

Sodagreen will join Taiwanese band The Chairmen (董事長), recently the winners of the best Taiwanese album prize at the Golden Melody Awards, and play at the White Sea music festival (白色海洋音樂祭) July 6-7. Also, Sodagreen manager Will Lin had planned … Continue reading

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When method acting goes too far

Hmm, I’m not quite sure what to think about this story on Leehom Wang’s new album, due out in about three weeks. (Did you catch that, Mich? Three weeks.) The first song released off the album will be “Falling Leaves … Continue reading

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Shanghai Clothing/Special Olympics Promotion

More news on that event. I know they are supposed to be wearing the clothes of the shop doing the promotion (the details of which are explained in the interview below), but did Ashin and Guanyou’s outfits have to be … Continue reading

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The Mayday Workout

Somehow, this made me suddenly think of jazzercise, which brought me straight to leg warmers, headbands, and flashdance. But that is not the key point here. What is central, however, is that according to this “article” which is really more … Continue reading

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