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Guanyou stages a coup

Perhaps he’s been taking all those revolutionary ideals a bit too much to heart, but last Saturday at a fan meet-up/Guanyou birthday celebration, the seemingly quiet drummer took over as lead singer, forcing Ashin to a background place at the … Continue reading

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No rest for the weary

Having just finished three consecutive concerts in Taipei, Mayday will soon be off for concerts in mainland China, Canada and the US (yay!), but in the meantime, instead of resting, the guys are all busy. Ashin is working on his … Continue reading

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Jump! Canada Autograph Sessions

I’m going to rescue Aoi’s helpful information from the comments. Word is that there will be two autograph sessions for Mayday fans, one in Toronto and one in Vancouver (well, both in nearby suburbs): August 22nd @ 5pm :: MetroSquare, … Continue reading

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Has Leehom “Changed”?

Right off the bat, I take issue with the title of his new album (改變自己): why is the English version Change Me and not Change Myself? It doesn’t make sense to me at all. Ahem. I haven’t heard Leehom’s previous … Continue reading

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Ashin on the lyrics to “Elope to the Moon”

[Translated from his blog] “Fate is an inexplicable thing. “Collaborating on this song with Cheer Chen (陳綺貞), from the moment we first decided on it until we were completely done with it, was all done over the course of a … Continue reading

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Jump! Translations Cont.

I’ve put up a translation for the last of the new songs, “Going Crazy (抓狂),” on this page. I’m not wild about that English title – it doesn’t seem strong enough – but I’ve tried a few other phrases in … Continue reading

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Jump! Taipei: Part 3

Carrying on with what the boys are calling “Mayday embraces three queens,” (i.e. Songwriting Queen Cheer Chen, Love Song Queen Fish Leong, and Concert Queen A-mei) A-mei joined Mayday on stage, er, tonight (sometimes that 12 hour time change can … Continue reading

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Jump! Taipei: Part 2

There was a little Harry-Potter-induced delay in my reading the news on this one, so expect it to be closely followed by part 3. So in spite of her complicated travel arrangements and failures on the flower-basket front, Fish Leong … Continue reading

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Jump! Taipei: Part 1

Ashin, Ashin, Ashin. What are we going to do with you? Having just put out your “sweetest” song ever, you go to sing it live on stage and the headlines are, “Ashin, Cheer Chen can’t help but hold hands a … Continue reading

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I’m a little freaked out…

…by the floating elephants on Mayday’s official website at the moment. Oooh, but I wonder if the song you hear when it loads up is from the third new track off the Jump! album? (Supposedly called “抓狂” – and an … Continue reading

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