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Mayday Fans in the Americas

There are still bits of concert news trickling out from last weekend; little details like the fact that the boys in Mayday could smell the off-stage food stalls while performing in Toronto (no doubt causing some mouth-watering anxiety) and that … Continue reading

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Sodagreen, Peng Tan interregnum

It’s like a little intermission from Mayday in North America Week. I found much to amuse me in a pair of stories on light rock from either side of the strait. Sodagreen frontman Qingfeng is filling in for an absent … Continue reading

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We’re all fans of the Olympics

It’s North America Week in Mayday-land, but I haven’t seen full reports anywhere of the LA concert yet. (I wasn’t there – I flew from Toronto to Minneapolis for the last performance of my favorite musical at the Guthrie Theater. … Continue reading

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Definitely a rock band. That was probably the best time I’ve ever had at a concert, and I have been to many. Many, many, many. But wow, that was fantastic. They started on time (practically unheard of in the world … Continue reading

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A few Toronto travel notes

We had it all planned so well. I’d leave DC at an ungodly early hour, fly to Detroit, change planes, and arrive in Toronto shortly before mom’s direct flight from Minneapolis. I had the tougher schedule, but sometimes that’s just … Continue reading

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The North America Tour Begins

According to this report, the boys left Taiwan for North America yesterday, which means they’re already here. 😀 Stone and Guanyou were having some trouble leaving their small fry behind (whatever happened to bringing them along??), and sentimental Stone was … Continue reading

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Oh, so Cheer + Fish = Better Luck Next Time

I wasn’t sure what to fill in after the “=” last time, but now I know. Typhoon Sepat reached Taiwan today, and forced all kinds of cancellations. It did not result in Cheer Chen’s concert being canceled, though everyone who … Continue reading

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Changsha added to Jump! schedule

Mayday’s bachelors Ashin, Monster and Masa “swung by” Changsha, China (the capital of Hunan Province, and of course, famous for where Mao Zedong went to school) on Thursday. Okay, I’m dying to know: how do they get all these mainland … Continue reading

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Cheer + Fish =

They both have odd English names. Their albums are distributed by Rock Records. They both have a history of cooperation with Mayday. And they’ll be performing together this weekend. Early last year, Cheer Chen was the special guest for a … Continue reading

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One more under the wire

Mayday has one more performance to get in before they fly east, it seems. There is a music festival in Taiwan this weekend that has captured some inexplicably big names: Mayday, Leehom, Gary Cao, Victor Wong, Huang YiDa, Stanley Huang, … Continue reading

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