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Beijing Olympics Theme Songs 101

Oh, this is just what devoted followers of Mandopop needed: an all-in-one guide to the great variety of theme songs already written in preparation for the Beijing Olympics next summer. It is a tradition for each Olympic games to have … Continue reading

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Rethinking Victor Wong’s English album

The first song – “Way Back into Love” from the movie Music and Lyrics and performed as a duet with Fish Leong – is now out. You can see the video here. This is the first time I’ve ever heard … Continue reading

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Ashin on Vancouver memories

[The first post from Vancouver on Ashin’s blog. To improve the readability of the translation, I’m going to pretend “Sanjie” is a name, though it actually translates to “third older sister.”] We forgot a band member, all these years, he’s … Continue reading

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Welcome back to the All-Shanghai-Concert News Network

So it’s not actually, but it does feel like it and probably will for the next few weeks. Today’s highlights: Mayday was checking out the stadium, and there are plans in place to build a giant extended stage along with … Continue reading

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Sort of anticlimactic

After all the speculation and efforts to build anticipation about the Shanghai concert and who the special guest will be, the end of this article unceremoniously announces that the band has asked Cheer Chen to come. I’m sure it will … Continue reading

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Masa confirms, denies and generally confuses

First, don’t forget to go chat on the MaydayAmericas Forum 😉 The boys were in Chongqing yesterday, keeping on with their Benq commitments. Apparently Monster was struck with random fits of near-hysterical laughter throughout this one (mostly whenever Ashin talked, … Continue reading

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Introducing… the MaydayAmericas Forum!

If you are a Mayday fan in the Americas, a Mayday fan from the Americas, or a Mayday fan from anywhere else who likes to chat about the band in English, then this forum is for you. We absolutely welcome … Continue reading

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Ashin remembers ‘Migratory Bird’

[Given the fact that Ashin’s most recent blog entry is from Xi’an, it should be pretty clear that I’m not going in any kind of order here, just translating as the spirit moves. This is the second of Ashin’s two … Continue reading

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Mainland press tour underway

So for the next week to ten days, Mayday is off on one of these whirlwind tours of Chinese cities, promoting Benq products, Mayday concerts, peace, love and understanding, etc. The reports from each city should be pretty predictable, because … Continue reading

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I’m so NOT calling Guanyou “Ryan” from now on

So the English Wikipedia article on Mayday claims that Guanyou announced at the autograph session in Toronto last month that his English name is now “Ryan.” Despite how it’s worded on Wikipedia, this doesn’t really count as another name change … Continue reading

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