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The stars were out last night

The world of Mandopop was split between Taichung and Singapore last night. In Taichung, MTV held its annual concert, and in Singapore, there were the annual Hit Awards. The reports of the MTV concert are not all that descriptive, but … Continue reading

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And in Mandopop film news…

Does it feel like there are very few Mandopop luminaries left who don’t act? Sorry, that question was purely rhetorical. The nominees for the Golden Horse Awards have been released. Ang Lee’s Lust, Caution, which very likely no one has … Continue reading

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Bridge for sale, great Brooklyn location, cheap

…and if you believe that, you might like to know that Masa and Fish “got back together” in Tokyo earlier this month. After Mayday’s Oct. 7 concert, Masa apparently did not return with the band, but stayed on for a … Continue reading

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How NOT to be a superfan

Thankfully, this story turns out okay, but as I was reading it (perhaps showing my age a bit) I grew increasingly horrified. I feel like in general, things like running away for an afternoon, opposing your parents, sneaking out for … Continue reading

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You knew this was coming…

So, you knew that whatever sad song of lost love Fish Leong sang on her next album, the press would automatically assume it is all about Masa. What you maybe didn’t realize is how much Fish herself would encourage this. … Continue reading

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Duty and draft dodging

There’s a big deadline looming for Sodagreen. Pre-orders for their new album due out on November 2 exceed 5,000, and they have sold more than 10,000 tickets for their November 3 concert in Taipei. And on November 15, the man … Continue reading

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Celebrating Shanghai Success

This is how you can tell yesterday’s concert was a big deal: we not only get news on the concert, we get news on the post-concert celebration dinner. It seems that after the more than three and a half hour … Continue reading

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Shanghai shakes like an earthquake

… that’s the feeling of 80,000 Mayday fans jumping. (Well, so far I’ve seen reports from a Taiwan and from the mainland. The Taiwan reports do not question the 80,000 number – that’s the stadium’s capacity, so that’s what they’re … Continue reading

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Ashin as bookseller

[An entry from Ashin’s blog promoting a new book about Mayday on tour last year.] When I was young, sitting in my family’s living room, Starting at a certain time there was a bald man creating a kind of television … Continue reading

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The fortune teller should not have artistic control.

So this brief little article clears up any lingering questions about Mayday involvement on Fish Leong’s new album: it turns out it was produced by Stone. (He did this and Victor Wong’s English album? While Mayday was touring and with … Continue reading

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