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Fish brings Singapore an early Valentine’s Day

Tonight Fish Leong performed for a happy crowd in Singapore. Given the close proximity of Singapore to her native Malaysia, her mom and two of her brothers made the trip down to be in the audience and support her, delighting … Continue reading

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Trolling for news… any news

Boy, quiet month, eh? Of course, Mayday having a bit of a rest doesn’t mean there’s no news to be had at all in the world of Mandopop; on the contrary, just a few of the recent headlines: Singer/songwriter TANK, … Continue reading

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Assorted Headlines and Christmas Cheer

Well, the Yahoo Buzz Awards were held last night, but while Mayday is listed as being present, I can’t find anything to indicate they actually won anything. (I can’t even find awards information on Yahoo… grr.) The headlines are that … Continue reading

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Rockin’ the night away

So this is old news for regular visitors of the MaydayAmericas Forum, but Mayday will be holding a concert from 1:00 to 6:00 a.m. on New Year’s Day. The five hour music extravaganza will benefit the United Way Taiwan. One … Continue reading

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So help me, I *love* this band

Okay, hold on… I have to wipe away the tears of laughter and stop giggling before I can type. Whew, better. First off, before even getting on with this (very, very funny) story, I just want to point out that … Continue reading

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Tianjin’s sea of blue

From the sound of it, the ticket sales for Tianjin might have been a bit on the disappointing side, with the auditorium for the Tianjin Jump! show last night only about 70% full, and even that not-so-lofty number was only … Continue reading

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Not *that* kind of green.

They may love the color and have an unfortunate tendency to call their lead singer “Greeny,” but don’t mistake sodagreen for Pan-Green partisans in the upcoming Taiwanese presidential election. There were apparently reports that sodagreen and The Chairman had written … Continue reading

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Here comes the bride

Wow, this is… even more random than usual. Ding Dang has “married into” the family of artists acting as spokespeople for Kobron clothing. To announce her new role, the company had a mock “wedding,” with Ding Dang as bride, Monster … Continue reading

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Arctic Tee

This article begins on an alarmist note by observing that Taipei is wearing short sleeves and turning on the air conditioning this December, showing that winter is no longer cold. It’s unseasonably warm in DC today as well, but it … Continue reading

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A slave to something, anyway

This should be filed under the “真受不了” or “I just can’t stand it” category. So my sister has become such a Leehom fan in the last few months, she blogs about him, she creates Facebook groups celebrating him, she is … Continue reading

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