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Mayday getting ready to rest

Mayday had an impressive year last year, with profits double those of the year before. Of course, those earnings were hard won; over the course of the year, between the Jump! tour, the Born to Love shows, the Benq mainland … Continue reading

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“Even in utopia, there’s myopia…”

Yeah, that’s a line stolen from my favorite Doonesbury series (when Duke precedes Woodcock as US envoy to China), but it fits for this bit of Leehom news. The man is now going to be the spokesman for a line … Continue reading

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Ashin the Author, redux

Ashin attended an autograph session for his new book at Ximen Ding yesterday. (Okay, correct me if I’m wrong here, but this can’t be a book signing or 簽書會 because the book isn’t actually out until February 1, right? What … Continue reading

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Ashin leaves the band to become a showgirl

Well, we all knew this day would come eventually, though perhaps some of us were anticipating it more than others. Yesterday, Mayday was at Xbox promotional events, which meant challenging each other to Xbox games. With a bit of wild … Continue reading

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Oooh, a Mayday Contest!

English language Mayday fansite extraordinaire MaydayBlue is having an essay contest, and the winner will receive groovy Mayday-related merchandise. To enter, join the MaydayAmericas forum and post your answer to the question, “what does Mayday mean to you?” Quite aside … Continue reading

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First random music award of 2008

The 2007 Beijing Popular Music Awards Ceremony (2007年度北京流行音乐典礼) was held last night. (By “last night” I actually mean tonight, but last night on Chinese time…) Knowing that Mayday was attending the event, I went looking today for evidence that they … Continue reading

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Well, the man is nothing if not consistent

Rene Liu held an autograph session in Taichung yesterday, and when she sang her lead single, “I’m well,” lyricist Ashin emerged with a huge bouquet of flowers to wish her well. Taking the stage together, the crowd called upon the … Continue reading

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The drinking habits of Mayday (and other news)

Famed singer/songwriter David Tao (陶喆) got himself in a fair amount of trouble last month. There are reports that he got himself so drunk that he couldn’t tell a cab driver where he lived, so the cabbie had to take … Continue reading

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Sodawhite, Fusion, and a bit of trivia

Sodagreen has taken on some new duties in the new year, as spokespeople for Shu Uemura cosmetics. They are promoting a whitening cleanser, so they joked about temporarily changing their band’s name to “Sodawhite (蘇打白).” Sounds like a toothpaste to … Continue reading

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This is the best I can do

… but frankly, it’s really not all that interesting. In fact, I’m only mentioning this in case Ashin does not see fit to post Mayday’s full 2008 schedule next December (like he did for 2007), and we need to piece … Continue reading

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