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Special Guests Galore

Well. We have established that sodagreen will be appearing at Laure Shang’s concert next month and that Mayday and Fish Leong are scheduled to help out Victor Wong. But, my friends, that is not all. On March 15, Rene Liu … Continue reading

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About the other Mayday

Some fans may not realize this, but Ashin, Monster, Stone, Masa and Guanyou are not the first Chinese-speaking band to be named Mayday (五月天). In the late 1980s, there was a band on the mainland with the same name. Now, … Continue reading

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As long as there’s not a lot of news…

I thought I’d test out a new plug-in. Just imagine the possibilities… What do you think of Leehom’s current hairstyle? Oh dear god no. …meh. Hubba hubba! View Results

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Music profits in the age of piracy

The BBC had an interesting article this week about music piracy in China and internationally. It explains how Chinese record companies have pretty much thrown in the towel and given up on the idea that they will get profits from … Continue reading

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Mayday rocks the vote

Actually, I think Mayday would not simply get out the vote, but perhaps win the election, if this story is any indication. The ROC (i.e. Taiwan) will hold presidential elections next month (at which point their campaign-season-induced suffering will be … Continue reading

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Erm, Super Soda?

One of the “Supergirls” (i.e. girls who have won China’s Idol-style singing contest, which alternates between featuring male and female singers), this one by the name of Laure Shang (尚雯婕), is launching the next phase of her career with her … Continue reading

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A little of this, a little of that

Kaohsiung held its lantern festival last night, and all the B’in Music gang (along with some others) were scheduled performers. I haven’t seen much on how it went (other than well, which is to be expected), but this story amusingly … Continue reading

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What was good in 2007

Oh, I love stories like this. The author begins with the audacious claim that last year’s Mandopop charts were pretty uninspired. Okay, so that’s not that audacious – I’m having trouble finding fault with that claim (coughcowboyjaycough). But, the author … Continue reading

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Ashin is… still Ashin

Okay, I confess: I’m already bored with the “Ashin promotes his book” stories. I mean, I’m sure the book itself isn’t boring, but the stories kinda are. Nonetheless, here’s the latest: Ashin was the spokesman for the International Book Expo … Continue reading

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Thus endeth the holiday

Ashin was back at work today, signing books and meeting fans. He has a great incentive to meet fans at the moment, as sales for his Japan travel guide – which has been out five days – have already exceeded … Continue reading

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