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A Little Sun in our lives

Very appropriate on this rainy Monday (granted, it is not raining everywhere, but it’s dull and dreary here in DC after my lovely weekend away). Last weekend Mayday had the world premiere of the music video of their latest single, … Continue reading

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Fusion stumps for Mayday

Given the fact that I’ve been listening to my shiny new Fusion album so much that I haven’t even heard Echo’s Bastille Day yet (purchased at the same time, after reading this recommendation), this news gave me sort of a … Continue reading

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Bad for the back, good for sales

Recently, Monster took a nasty spill inside Mayday’s recording studio and injured his spine. As a result, he went to the urgent care facility in Shilin (yeah, that might be too much information, but it’s in the article…). He was … Continue reading

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A lot of pressure for a one-year-old

“Little Stone” – i.e. Stone and Gougou’s son – celebrated his first birthday today in the company of his parents and his four “uncles,” Ashin, Masa, Monster and Guanyou. Just for fun, they played a game in which they all … Continue reading

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Leehom Wang, Torchbearer

Hmm, I’m thinking I might make a “Mandopop and the Olympics” tag, because these sorts of stories are bound to pop up with greater frequency over the next few months, and are invariably interesting to me. Making a new category … Continue reading

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Mayday and Superband Singapore

If there is one thing I can be absolutely counted on to do, it is to forget to look for any English-language articles about Mayday from papers in Singapore or Crienglish. You see, these articles do not show up on … Continue reading

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Qingfeng’s uncomfortable taxi ride

So sodagreen’s three nights of classics delighted their fans. Qingfeng sang songs by a variety of artists, including A-mei, Faye Wong and the Beatles (unfortunately, it does not say what Beatles song he sang, but I’m hopeful that it was … Continue reading

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Spring is in the air

It’s that time of year again… spring! At last, at last! Actually, the winter has been pretty mild this year – and when not mild, certainly weird (seriously, snowing and 70 in a single week… and it’s happened more than … Continue reading

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…in which Jonathan Lee makes me feel old

Victor Wong’s Shanghai concert apparently went off without a hitch on Friday. Friday was White [Valentine’s] Day, a holiday I’d never heard of before about ten minutes ago. Well, there’s always next year. Victor is the “King of Love Songs,” … Continue reading

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The latest in sodagreen happenings

Yesterday I got myself more or less caught up with Mayday news, so today it is time to do the same with the latest on sodagreen. (Has anyone noticed how good a job I’m doing remembering not to capitalize sodagreen … Continue reading

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