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Introducing 831

Hmm, Ashin has a new pet band in Taipei, it seems. He’s promoting 831 (八三夭), whose first album Save the World (拯救世界) is on sale now (at YesAsia here). He has written a short promotional piece, saying that, “before the … Continue reading

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Putting the “soda” in sodagreen

I’ve been neglecting the sodagreen news lately, partly because I’ve been a. insanely busy with the end of the term and b. suffering profoundly from the unusually high pollen counts in DC this spring. But we soldier on. Sodagreen has … Continue reading

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In other Mayday news…

Mayday plays in Taichung on May 17, and the very accommodating city government is considering adding trains back to Taipei and Kaohsiung after the concert so that everyone can get home safely. They’ve done this before, when Andrea Bocelli held … Continue reading

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Returning to Earth in Singapore

The premiere “Return to Earth” concert was held in Singapore last night, and from the sound of it, there was no shortage of theatrics. Ashin did a solo on “Life has a kind of certainty,” and Stone played his new … Continue reading

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Too weak to drum?!?

This doesn’t seem all that good: Mayday was doing concert promotions in Hong Kong this week, but they were down two members. Stone was off promoting his book with the rest of his family, but Guanyou is sick with some … Continue reading

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“Baby, Let’s Rock” Promotions

Okay, this is just darn cute. (Though nothing beats the picture here. The do-rag! Little Stone can pull that one off in ways that Ashin just can’t.) Stone’s book Baby, Let’s Rock is officially out, and the entire Stone family … Continue reading

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Malaysia finally jumps

Last night, at long last, Mayday’s Jump! tour finally landed in Malaysia. (I say that like I have some sort of personal stake in it, though of course I have never been there.) (I hear it’s lovely, though.) They began … Continue reading

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Odds and ends, whatnot, etc.

Assorted bits of information pulled from a wide a variety of articles seemingly at random follows. Chinese fans preparing for the April 30th concert in Shanghai have taken the initiative in starting a fundraising activity to benefit the Chinese Red … Continue reading

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Assorted awards, honors, etc.

The Music Radio awards were held in Beijing this evening, and the winner’s list is kind of a mixed bag. Mayday was named best band from Hong Kong/Taiwan (the Flowers won for the mainland, *sigh*). (It’s not on that list, … Continue reading

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More Olympic Music

In honor of this week’s really bizarre torch run on American soil, I thought it about time to check in with what’s new in Olympic theme songs (part I is here). I confess, I completely missed the release of the … Continue reading

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