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The Music of Mrs. This

One of the good things about the Golden Melody Awards season is that news tends to pop up about the nominees, so we (okay, I) get to learn about artists I’ve either never heard of or don’t know much about. … Continue reading

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Sodagreen, Live in Beijing!

After numerous appeals from fans on the mainland, sodagreen will finally perform there next month. As a part of their Asian Tour (did we know they were on an Asian tour? Okay, I might be more behind on the sodagreen … Continue reading

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Speaking of Vitas Lu…

… (and we were) here’s a whole article doing a quick introduction to the singer-songwriter. First, a word on the name: in pinyin, his name is Lu Guangzhong (廬廣仲). Sadly, he has no Wikipedia page (English or Chinese), but a … Continue reading

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Top Albums of 2007

On the eve of the Golden Melody Awards nominations announcement, the Association of Music Workers in Taiwan made public its annual list of the ten best albums and ten best songs of 2007. Here it is: The Best 10 Albums … Continue reading

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Celebrating Chang Yu-sheng

Chang Yu-sheng (張雨生) was a singer-songwriter who entered the industry in 1988. Tragically, he died in a car accident in 1997, when he was only 31. Mayday has covered a few of his songs before, most famously “When I Was … Continue reading

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Playing catch-up on Mayday news

You know, after the long, dark winter of discontent, in which I would periodically dig up some random bit of information and complain about the lack of news overall, there are now all kinds of interesting stories, and here’s me, … Continue reading

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The Inauguration of Ma Ying-jeou

On May 20th, President-elect of the Republic of China, Ma Ying-jeou, was officially sworn in. Accompanying the ceremony was a huge gala, which included a number of special performances. Performers at the event included famed singers Fong Feifei (鳳飛飛), Jiang … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year again…

Time to celebrate sodagreen and rant against the bizarre spell that Cowboy Jay has over the powers-that-be in the entertainment industry. It is, in short, time to talk about Golden Melody awards nominations. I don’t think anyone will ever manage … Continue reading

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A weekend of earthquake relief

Last weekend brought a pair of earthquake relief fundraisers – one each on Saturday and Sunday nights – that involved most of the entertainment industries in Hong Kong and Taiwan and raised a lot of money for the survivors of … Continue reading

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Taichung Nights

Okay, we’re already a a few days past the big Taichung concert, but, well… yeah, I have no excuses. Let’s just get to it, shall we? I could probably post from now to the end of the week and still … Continue reading

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