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Beijing bands honor Tanya Chua

On June 19, six bands from the mainland gathered in Beijing at the MAO Live House to perform together in a “I love Tanya Chua” concert. Performers included Fusion, Lucky Monkey (跳猴), Skyscraper(摩天樓), BAD DREAM, Magic Mama (魔法媽媽), and Cartoon … Continue reading

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Batter up!

Okay seriously, t-shirt designers are waaaaaay busier than cowboys. I do not understand where he finds the time for all of this – if Ashin ever organizes any kind of motivational seminar on multi-tasking I’ll be sure to sign up … Continue reading

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Ashin explains “走火入魔”

[From his June 10th blog entry, explaining the lyrics of his duet with Ding Dang.] In “wuxia” (martial arts) novels, dedicated practitioners put their selves wholeheartedly into their arts, to the point where they finally lose themselves. Their demented eyes … Continue reading

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Catching up with Ashin

Ashin is a lot more prolific as a songwriter than I am as a translator, but I’ve tried to get a bit caught up lately. I’ve posted translations for the following songs: 我很好 I’m Fine (sung by Rene Liu) 那些女孩教我的事 … Continue reading

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Jam Hsiao, Recording Artist

On Monday, Jam held a private meeting to introduce his new album, and he sang a few of the new songs. He’s promoting not just album sales, but also a concert that he’ll be holding on July 6 at the … Continue reading

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Greening Beijing

Last night, sodagreen took on Beijing. Sodagreen is a pretty hot ticket at the moment, which I think it is fair to say we’ve noticed, but it turns out Beijing has noticed too. Drummer Xiao Wei, bass player Xinyi and … Continue reading

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I’m not actually obsessed with facial hair

It just *seems* that way sometimes. So, I was generally procrastinating from my real work by browsing some news (though on a side note, if anyone took U.S. history in college and didn’t hate their textbook, please let me know … Continue reading

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2008 MTV Asia Awards

The awards themselves will be held August 2, but the nominations list is now out. Typically, all the substantive awards are for Western artists (i.e. best composer, best collaboration, etc.). I suppose this is nominally the best composer “according to … Continue reading

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Sodagreen’s Hong Kong Extravaganza

On June 12-13, sodagreen held two concerts at Hong kong’s Star Hall Auditorium. The concerts were sold out, but because of the issues with bus access, when the concert started the first night it was only 70% full, though they … Continue reading

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Whoa, missed this one. I wrote about Ashin promoting the band 831 and called them his new “pet band,” but I didn’t realize just how accurate that description was. He actually appeared in their music video to help promote them. … Continue reading

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