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A very busy weekend for everyone

Okay blogging has been light, I acknowledge, though that’s not just because there hasn’t been much going on in the Mayday world while they’re shut up in the studio finishing their new album. The real issue is something I have … Continue reading

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Nerdy Ashin redux

Okay, he’s (finally) not wearing his dangling denim suspenders, a development which I applaud and celebrate, but I remain unconvinced on the matter of these glasses: Like me, you might be alarmed at first by the clear presence of odd … Continue reading

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Olympics Update

Well, I suspect that Benq is not giving out any huge discounts so far, seeing as how the Chinese Taipei baseball team has now lost to both Japan and China. The best comment on the sad situation comes from this … Continue reading

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A little of everything

There aren’t a lot of long, interesting stories about my headliner Mandopop stars, so I’m doing another list of odds and ends that I’ve read in the last day or two. For every ticket sold to the joint Linkin Park-Mayday … Continue reading

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Fusion on the radio!

If you don’t know Fusion Band (Fusion乐团) yet, you are missing out. Steve (aka “MaydayBlue“) has linked to a great web radio interview (overdubbed with English translations!) with clips of songs over on the MaydayAmericas Forum. The post is here. … Continue reading

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Happy National Day…

…Singaporeans!! See, I said I’d try to remember to account for the time difference and post a day early this year. (It is still the 8th in MN, just not in DC, where I set the clock for the blog!)

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Ashin on the Olympic Opening Ceremonies

[Ashin waxing philosophical on the Olympics. I love the picture accompanying this entry on his blog, which is a very busy combination of baseball, the bird’s nest stadium, what I think sorta looks like a football helmet and one of … Continue reading

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This is what we like to see

Yes, that’s me using the royal “we” again. But can I help it if I found this story heartwarming? The recent Metro Radio Mandarin Music Awards (2008年新城國語力頒獎) yielded three big winners: sodagreen, Tanya Chua, and… Fusion! Aw, their first album … Continue reading

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Singapore sings with sodagreen

So news on the sodagreen concert in Singapore on Saturday night has been weirdly absent from all my normal news sources, but fortunately, ee very kindly sent me a bunch of great links. The band took their “Sing With Me” … Continue reading

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Wow, was I wrong

Okay, I take back every nice thing I’ve said about Vanness Wu’s facial hair. He now appears to be doing a bad impression of Johnny Depp: At least, that’s the most charitable explanation I have for this horrible ensemble. Vanness … Continue reading

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