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Need it, got it, need it…

I am pausing to take stock in the new 2008 albums, an exercise sparked by the news that 1976 has a new album coming out shortly. The Taipei band has been on the scene for 12 years already, and their … Continue reading

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Space Cowboy!

Today I logged on to Ticketmaster to check on the Leehom concert (yeah, still there – my ticket purchasing really has not been easy, though… I hope to have it all taken care of tomorrow, but at the rate I’ve … Continue reading

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When spokesman duties go awry

If you follow current events in China – or even if you don’t – you’ve probably heard about the milk scandal that is causing international fallout for the Chinese dairy industry. The short version is that a wide range of … Continue reading

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The song-stealing saga

Boy, what one can innocently walk into. As I noted on my post about Mayday’s new song, I linked to it thinking it was officially released and I was just falling behind on the news (which has been, you may … Continue reading

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sodagreen in Shanghai, part II

I’ve already told you what I thought about the concert – okay, I’ve already gushed about how amazing the concert was – but now I want to point out a few things from the press reports. You may think that … Continue reading

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Er, whoops

Yeah, there’s a new song from Mayday – the theme for their advertisements for Hey Song Sarsaparilla is out. Anyone else totally miss this one? I’ll post a translation for it when I do some site updates next week (I’ve … Continue reading

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sodagreen sings with me

Damn, they’re good. So about two weeks ago – right after I arrived in China and right before I got on this “around the clock Leehom concert news” kick, I went looking for info on the concert in Shanghai, investigating … Continue reading

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… or, the “All-Leehom News Network.” This is not a permanent trend, but he’s got all the good news right now. Although now that I think of it, there are a few other things that I need to catch up … Continue reading

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The infamous guitar

I’m still on Leehom news, because the most exciting Mayday-related development I’ve seen lately is that Zaizai of F4 calls himself a huge fan. He also likes sodagreen… you know, Ken Chu of F4 is also a huge Mayday fan. … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with Leehom?

Well, besides the fact that he really is channeling Hannah Montana, that is. The new song is okay at the beginning, I guess, but it gets really generic in a Disney kinda way at the chorus. The pipa is a … Continue reading

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