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Oh, the drama!

Beware the gossip pages. The words a writer chooses to craft a story can make a HUGE difference in how it is interpreted. From this week’s Taipei Times (in English, so not translated): Fresh from being crowned the “king” of … Continue reading

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And they debut at number one

Yup, that’s Mayday. So much for that whole “after CDs cease to be” business or whatever it was. Sales are up over 137,050 copies, with the album not even released yet in China (grr… but erm yay! Preorders apparently start … Continue reading

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They’re not suspenders, but…

…still dangling strips of denim hanging off Ashin’s jeans, and if anything, these are even more pointless than dangling suspenders: You can get a better angle for confirming that yes, they are on both sides, and yes the strips seem … Continue reading

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A question

I’ve created an index page for the Poetry of the Day After album. In the process, I caught my first glimpse of the track list and was amused by the presence of a song called “Interview with the Vampire (夜訪吸血鬼 … Continue reading

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Ashin: After youth, and before admitting defeat, I’ll live energetically

[Ashin gives instructions on his blog to the listening public on the eve of Mayday’s seventh album’s release.] For the last six albums, as soon as they’re completed I have a kind of “Oh! There are things I haven’t said … Continue reading

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Assorted Mandopop news and thoughts

After work today I hopped on my bike to run down to Walmart to grab a few things. I suppose I could go to Walmart once every few months, buy lots of stuff and then take a taxi home, but … Continue reading

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You’re not truly happy…

…except that if you’ve heard Mayday’s new song, you might just be. The new release, “You’re not truly happy (你不是真正的快樂)” debuted this past Monday, and the video is now already out at well. It features Monster – the band’s best … Continue reading

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Leehom Live, Revisited

Ah, the Music Man, live in concert. Once again, I have to begin with the most fundamental point: Leehom Wang is an impressive live performer. He enjoys what he does, and he’s very, very good at it. I don’t think … Continue reading

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Cowboy Jay rides away with a Mayday song

Stop, thief! Okay, maybe it’s not so bad. The big story is that Jay’s new album has a song on it called “Time Machine (時光機).” As you no doubt recall, Mayday had both an album and a song called Time … Continue reading

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A Taiwanese “Oasis”?

So I went to look up Mayday news the other day, and almost everything I came up with was about somebody else. For example, this article has a reference to Mayday in it, but it is actually all about the … Continue reading

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