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heh, karma’s a b!tch

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….. Ahem. So there’s a whole bunch of news articles on Mayday’s latest activities that mention rumors going around that Mr. Jay Chou – Pres. Chou, Cowboy Jay himself – has faked his album’s sales figures. In them, Ashin comes … Continue reading

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He’s very clean…

Leehom has had a hard day’s night this week, off to Shanghai to do shampoo promotions, which in this case appeared to include him doing a fan’s hair, which is just weird. (Though not as weird as this picture accompanying … Continue reading

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Ashin finally talks about his ‘Girlfriend’

…which was, of course, his first ever composition, a song called “Girlfriend (女朋友)” that he wrote in high school. Why, what did you think I meant? Mayday has filmed a television show called “Happy Spirit: Tell Your Story (快乐心灵·说出你的故事);” it … Continue reading

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The Mayday Restaurant Guide

Here we go, the first ever tri-continental Mayday/Mayday-fan restaurant guide! No, I didn’t think you were looking for one, but here you go anyway. If Mayday ever visits the central United States – and I think that there really should … Continue reading

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The CCTV-MTV Awards

The Ninth Annual CCTV-MTV music awards were held Sunday night in Beijing. As promised, sodagreen and Jam Hsiao were on hand to perform live, though I have no idea how anyone not there live and in person managed to see … Continue reading

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Emerging from the long, dark night of the soul

… in other words, my wait is over and my copy of Poetry of the Day After has finally arrived. I can’t wait to listen, but per all the advice I’ve gotten via comments on my recent posts, I’m not … Continue reading

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Random Mayday outings and events

Part of the band got together to promote Lee Guitars, learning how to make guitars from the man himself, Mr. Jonathan Lee. Hmm, Mr. Lee seems to be a bit flighty, doesn’t he? First he’s all “we’ve formed a superband … Continue reading

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I haven’t seen anything new about that whole Jay/Mayday sales issue lately, though that might be because Mayday is spending a third week at the top of the G-Music sales chart, with Jay now down to fourth after both the … Continue reading

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Fusion and sodagreen: a match made in heaven?

Sodagreen joined the Nokia Xpress Music Tour in Beijing this past week, performing four songs for the delighted crowd. They were followed to the stage by Fusion Band, which gloried in the opportunity to see their seniors in the biz … Continue reading

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The sales squabble continued

I’ve been carefully saying that although JVR Music (Jay Chou’s company) has called for accuracy in sales figures, it has not directly accused Mayday of falsifying reports. I might have been a bit too optimistic: “Mayday’s company ‘B’in Music’ recently … Continue reading

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