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I have come to the conclusion…

… that Masa is just a little bit country, and Monster a little bit rock ‘n’ roll. 😀 That, at least, was one of my first thoughts when enjoying Mayday’s latest album, Poetry of the Day After. Masa’s composition “More … Continue reading

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Rockin’ Christmas Eve

Yeah, so much for that whole “Silent Night” thing. So about a month a go, I noticed that Fish Leong would be holding a Christmas Eve concert in Nanjing. I’ve never seen her live before, though I feel like I’ve … Continue reading

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It’s a Christmas Miracle!

I am, of course, referring to the fact that Leehom has actually finally released his album. Okay, it came out today, but close enough. (And, will wonders never cease, Mayday’s album is finally available for preorder on the Mainland. That … Continue reading

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Little Rose, part two :)

A big congratulations to Guanyou and his wife Xingzhi (行芝), who have announced that they’re expecting their second child in February. According to the news, they’re very excited to welcome another daughter into the family. Boy, they did a great … Continue reading

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Mayday and friends

Here I have just a few odds and ends about recent news items (it doesn’t actually get interesting until the end, just fair warning). Last week Mayday sang at a university in Hualian, Taiwan, performing 18 songs for about a … Continue reading

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Now this is just wrong

Um: Mayday and Fahrenheit, enjoying each others’ company. But, but, but… why? Well, it’s simple. Monster wrote a song for Fahrenheit’s new album, the turncoat. Fahrenheit then proposed a photo op in which the two groups get together and they … Continue reading

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The free “Poetry” concerts

As we all know, copies of Mayday’s latest album, Poetry of the Day After, came with a free ticket to one of two concerts, on December 13th and 14th. This past weekend the band performed as planned for tens of … Continue reading

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Okay, news will have to wait until tomorrow, but the last of the Poetry of the Day After translations are now up, and I’ve also made some corrections kindly suggested by random leon, migratory bird and Linda on “Poetry of … Continue reading

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A-yue cracks the whip

Last weekend was the “Simple Life 2008” concert in Taipei, and some of my favorite Taiwan artists were in attendance: Chang Chen-yue, Cheer Chen, and sodagreen. Khalil Fong also came in from Hong Kong for the event, and he asked … Continue reading

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The Lee Guitars All-Star Concert

Okay, now that it is a week and a half later, anything I type here is going to be seriously anticlimactic, but might as well type it anyway. I’m slowly discovering that if I wait to do things until work … Continue reading

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