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The Heartbeat of Mr. Wang

I’m traveling again (in England for a week to hang out with my sister), so I’ve been assuming that news is light for the Chinese New Year holiday but not really checking to see if this is really true. Still, … Continue reading

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On to a new year…

First of all, Happy New Year! We’ve got a few hours yet before midnight hits here in the American midwest, but of course the countdowns have already come and gone in Asia, and we are decidedly in the year of … Continue reading

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Ashin on the U.S. Presidential Inauguration

[Ashin writes about the events of the day on his blog. It starts off a bit dark, but the hope and change come out eventually. 😀 ] When people of different skin colors or different ethnicities shoot at each other, … Continue reading

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Soda-vert à Paris!

Okay, clearly I’m very behind on the news, because I was not at all expecting sodagreen to pop up in Paris week. The band was invited to take part in international music trade fair Midem this week. They first performed … Continue reading

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Ashin on Victory

[Ashin’s latest blog post, clearly a response to all the chart-numbers controversy.] Please keep quiet, don’t say anything more. Just like when listening to your most beloved song, you don’t have any intention of talking through it. This was always … Continue reading

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The Great Battle for the Top of the 2008 Sales Charts

Well, the winner is either Mayday or Jay, depending on how you count and what you believe, though that’s a bit depressing when you consider the quality of Jay’s last album. So no matter what, the highest selling record did … Continue reading

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Oh, the indignity!

So now both Show Luo and Leehom are being beaten in the charts by Fahrenheit? My, but if that isn’t proof that life is unpredictable, I don’t know what is. Of course, Mayday is still between Show and Leehom – … Continue reading

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Everything old is new again

Now here’s a topic we haven’t talked about in at least ten minutes. The reaction to Show Luo beating Leehom Wang in the charts has been swift and, I’m afraid, a little bit ugly. Leehom’s only comment on the charts … Continue reading

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An inauspicious start to the year

Aaaah, where do I go when I disappear for a week at a time? Well, this time: Wuxi. Not for the whole week, but it was long enough to screw up my schedule and interfere with my end-of-the-semester madness in … Continue reading

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