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The economic impact on Mandopop?

So if you read a lot of news in the US (or anywhere else, I imagine), it’s all about the economic crisis. Now normally, I try not to think about it. But finally it is starting to hit where it … Continue reading

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B’in Music, en masse and on stage

The whole of the B’in Music label – Mayday, Fish Leong, Victor Wong, Champion, and Ding Dang – gathered together for a special joint concert the other night in Macau. Okay, I know I’ve been just a wee bit skeptical … Continue reading

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Do you ever feel like the Mayday/Fahrenheit connections are just far, far too prevalent? This isn’t all that direct (not like last time), but doesn’t this just look like it should be the Fahrenheit guys in this picture, but Mayday … Continue reading

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Another little daddy’s girl

Mayday, The Second Generation welcomed its third member in early February, when drummer Guanyou’s wife gave birth to the couple’s second daughter. Though pretty close-lipped about their family life (contrast this to Stone and Gougou and their BabyRock project), the … Continue reading

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Beginning the catch-up

…and I’m back from my extended hiatus. I was looking at the calendar, and I’ve been in a new city every two days for the last three weeks. Basically I feel like a pop star, but without all the adoring … Continue reading

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Mandopop History

I flitted away all weekend in Brussels drinking beer and visiting museums and historic sites… okay, mostly drinking beer… hey, there’s really good beer in Belgium… and now I’m off again to head back to my current home base in … Continue reading

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