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Celebrating again?

It’s Mayday’s tenth anniversary! Wait, you say, didn’t we already celebrate that? Well yes… and no. The band seems to celebrate the anniversaries of both their founding and their first album; as I predicted two (two!!) years ago, they are … Continue reading

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Mayday’s DNA

Ladies and gentlemen, here we go. Mayday will soon embark on their latest large-scale concert tour, called the “DNA Mayday-Made Concert (DNA五月天创造演唱会).” It kicks off in Hong Kong May 20th and 21st, and continues in Singapore August 29, with only … Continue reading

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Saying “hello” to Tanya Chua

One thing that I really, truly appreciate about China is the way that its people are so completely and unabashedly fond of the Carpenters. I feel like Americans have attitudes about the Carpenters – scorn is heaped upon them for … Continue reading

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The sappy side of Peng Tan

The news broke recently that endlessly adorable mainland singer-songwriter Peng Tan has been dating mainland supermodel Chun Xiao (春晓). After the news came out about their relationship, they went into the studio to record a duet, “Our Little World (我们的小世界).” … Continue reading

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The Superband on tour

Okay, so I meant to post this earlier this week, but about halfway through I was overwhelmed with bitterness (you’ll see why when you get there), and then I never quite finished it. Now, however, I have other things I … Continue reading

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MV Status Update

Okay, I keep missing new videos, so I thought I’d bring them all together in one post and see where we’re at: 01 突然好想你 Suddenly Missing You 02 生存以上 生活以下 More Than Surviving, Less Than Living 03 你不是真正的快樂 You’re Not … Continue reading

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I vant to suck your blood

Okay, it seems that quite by accident, we have hit upon something important here. How do you get painfully, ridiculously shy Ashin to touch a girl while filming a music video? I mean, without wincing and recoiling instantly? The answer: … Continue reading

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“I will crush you accidentally while reaching for my bamboo.”

Fans of Cowboy Jay will consider this old news, but as I cannot in good conscience pass up the opportunity to mock him for this, I am going to mention it now. As we know, said cowpoke does not like … Continue reading

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