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Hong Kong, the First to Experience DNA

Wow, I’m really behind on the news. I had this epiphany last term that I needed to radically restructure how I assign papers so that I didn’t get stuck grading around the clock for the last three weeks of the … Continue reading

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Golden Melody Awards Nominations (sigh)

overrated -verb (used with object) 1. to rate or appraise too highly; overestimate 2. (Cowboy) Jay Chou The 20th Annual Golden Melody Awards Nominations List (Note: I skipped the Hokkien, Hakka, and Performance categories here; the full list is at … Continue reading

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The Association of Music Workers in Taiwan is showing painfully bad judgment

Oh, this is bad. Really bad. So, so, SO wrong. The Association of Music Workers in Taiwan has released its annual list of the top ten Mandopop albums and songs released in 2008. The problem is that they’re really wrong. … Continue reading

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…in which we learn more about certain members of sodagreen than we really needed to know

While promoting their new album, sodagreen appeared at a press meet wearing the pajamas they sport in the “Sunlight” video. (More pictures here.) The band is embarking now on their “Vivaldi Plan,” which will take them around the world to … Continue reading

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Concerts, sales and economies

On May Day (not to be confused with Mayday Day, which is May 5… an important distinction), Mayday was out answering questions for the Hong Kong media. Monster says that Hong Kong fans are the most warm and enthusiastic, dancing … Continue reading

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