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Golden Melody Awards Results

Well, yesterday was the big day for the Golden Melody Awards, and now I have a new theory. I’ve actually seen variations of this from assorted news commentary sites for the last few weeks and am just joining a (growing) … Continue reading

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Whoops, I forgot to post before I left, but within about 48 hours of finishing a week of round-the-clock grading at the end of the term I was up a mountain in Dali, Yunnan, reading a book and ignoring my … Continue reading

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The sodanews

I’ve been listening to Daylight of Spring all day while revising a paper, so I thought I’d embrace the spirit of all things sodagreen and see what’s in the news. First, it seems that the album has been selling pretty … Continue reading

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[Guest Post] Sydney DNA

Here commenter LT shares her stories of the concert and her series of close encounters with the band around Sydney, not to mention some great pictures. Be prepared to be impressed with (and just a bit jealous of) her marvelous … Continue reading

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[Guest Post] Hong Kong DNA

This hilarious and very comprehensive (!) report of Mayday’s recent DNA concerts in Hong Kong comes to us from commenter “L,” and can I just say, I don’t think giant white balloons would scream “nuclei” to me, either. I hope … Continue reading

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[Guest Post] Melbourne DNA

This review of Mayday’s concert in Melbourne on May 28 was written by commenter monkee_appelz. The full version (with pictures and links) is available on her blog here. Anything I’ve added is in brackets. I’ve heard them on CD, I’ve … Continue reading

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