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No, no, no, no, NO!

Will you LOOK at what Ashin is wearing in this picture: Will someone *please* get close enough to cut those blasted suspenders off? In the midst of their busy concert schedule, Mayday’s Ashin found a bit of spare time to … Continue reading

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The Admen

There’s more news coming out on that “Unbridled” (Pepsi) video, though you could swear upon reading the news that you’ve read this story at least three times before in different contexts. You see, this time Mayday will be exploring what … Continue reading

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Qingfeng ain’t misbehaving (much)

Whoops, it seems like even though sodagreen is far away in London recording their “Summer” album, Qingfeng still got into a spot of trouble back in Taiwan. He was on the ubiquitous Taiwanese message board, PPT PTT, which is as … Continue reading

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The Superband, in Concert

In honor of the Superband (縱貫線) performance in Singapore this weekend, I thought I’d finally post my thoughts on their concert in Chengdu last May. Yes, this is horribly delinquent, though not nearly as delinquent as my half-finished “Cheer Chen … Continue reading

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A-yue’s Afro

My, but it was glorious: This was A-yue taking a little time away from his Superbanding to lead a a concert of aboriginal singers in Taiwan on July 4. The theme was “No Longer Afraid,” so A-yue showed how unafraid … Continue reading

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Are stolen cars sorta rock-n-roll?

Okay, I have to admit it: I’m pretty frugal. I think it is the aftermath of eight years as a starving graduate student. On my way back to DC from China, I made an epic thirty-one hour trip home by … Continue reading

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Band Disputes Rock Mayday

Yes, there’s trouble in paradise. Every headline in the news seems to be about a serious rift within the band, and Ashin has finally come forward to explain what it’s all about. The trouble is… food. Yes, how many families, … Continue reading

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Mayday takes Shanghai

DNA arrived in Shanghai this weekend (I’m convinced this is because I’m back in the US, but that’s another story), where their two concerts on July 3 and 4 delighted some 60,000 fans. (Economic crisis? What economic crisis?) Ever the … Continue reading

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