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It’s almost over, Masa

The “Fish and Masa, together forever” dream has been astoundingly slow to die. After years of rumors that the two were together, and then an impressively extended period of speculation about their breakup, the issue has been run through the … Continue reading

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Promises, promises

Goodness, time flies. I honestly have no idea where this summer went. Or, for that matter, the last ten days. Oh well, in the fast-paced world of Mandopop, who can really keep up? Ahem. Recent events in the world of … Continue reading

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The Charitable Impulse

Last week, August 8, Typhoon Morakot slammed into South Taiwan, flooding villages and killing as estimated 500 people. As always, in the face of human tragedy and grieving, there is hope to be found in the generosity of one’s fellow … Continue reading

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And the band played on

So, Mayday is still on tour. Not earth-shattering, I know. But if you were looking for Mayday news, you’d have to start there. So, I have yet to come up with specific Beijing news, but I’ve got a report on … Continue reading

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Just a little (more) Superbanding

So, remember that Superband album I supposedly bought on my way out of China in June? Yeah, it was not so much a real Superband album as it was a dodgy set of random songs from each of the four … Continue reading

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Cowboy Jay as Kato?

So everyone is talking about it: Jay Chou has been selected to play Kato to Seth Rogan’s Green Hornet in the film of the same name. There’s talk about how impressive he was in The Golden Flower (to Americans, supposedly, … Continue reading

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A long lost band resurfaces

According to this, Fusion – yes, Fusion! Remember them? – is back in action after an unusually long retreat from the limelight for an aspiring Mandopop act. Their sophomore album, which I swear we first heard about ages and ages … Continue reading

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I mourn.

It’s the return of the suspenders. There was a long reprieve there, but they are back in full force. And from the angle of this picture, the “fat pants” theory is not looking like it holds much water. Anyway, Ashin … Continue reading

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