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Taipei DNA

You know, there is some kind of Chinese p*rn site called 五月天 that I keep bumping into accidentally looking for news (ahem – I bump into news about it getting shut down in Sichuan or some such, not that I’m … Continue reading

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Why like sodagreen?

[I liked the writing in this commentary, so I translated it in its entirety. I don’t have the new album yet – still waiting – so I totally and completely invented the English versions of the song titles without any … Continue reading

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A remedy for your Fusion withdrawal

While the rest of us wait (and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait) for the new album to come out, recently Shanghai fans got a chance to enjoy the band live. And not just enjoy: it’s hard to tell … Continue reading

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Countdown to Nanjing DNA…

Okay, *you* might not be counting down, but I am because that’s my DNA show. (Yippee!!) I’ve got two pieces of news coming out on the upcoming concert on October 6. First, given their recent NFL activities, Mayday plans to … Continue reading

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Would someone *please* tell B’in Music…

… that Ding Dang is not overweight and should not be losing 11 pounds in preparation for releasing her new album? She did this last time, too, with a ridiculous crash diet to get superstar thin. This time, she lost … Continue reading

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I am *so* ready for some football!

And to think, just this morning I was on Facebook complaining about being unable to get the NFL’s “Follow Your Team” highlights in China. I feel like Christmas has come early. Or like the powers that be have gotten together … Continue reading

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Gridiron Rockers

This is so completely awesome in so many ways, I’m almost breathless as I type it. Two things I love dearly – NFL football (go Vikes!) and Mayday – are together at last. I had never even dared to dream. … Continue reading

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Brit Rock, soda-style

Are you feeling feverish? The second album in sodagreen’s ongoing “Vivaldi Project,” Summer: Fever (夏: 狂热), is just out (somewhere… not here, certainly. In China, I just started seeing Spring.) And sodafans get ready, because the band is in for … Continue reading

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The Mayday Americas Experiment

Well, after a reasonably noble effort, the idea of an English language, all-Mayday forum seems to be a bit ahead of its time. We’re thinking of suspending the site for now (there’s talk of replacing it with a Facebook group, … Continue reading

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I’m updating my WordPress installation, so the Chinese characters will go all wonky until I figure out how to restore them again (this has happened before). This little glitch in WordPress tempts me to go far too long between upgrades, … Continue reading

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