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Throwing the yellow flag at NFL China

Delay of game; five yard penalty. And forward progress toward the goal of getting new NFL fans in China is stalled indefinitely. All the news reports said that Mayday’s NFL show would start on October 29, but looking at the … Continue reading

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The Greening of Shanghai

Since we have the fantastically thorough concert report from V, I’m not even going to attempt to do something similar here. Actually, though, I couldn’t have been that thorough if I wanted to: if I had tried to keep track … Continue reading

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Sodagreen in Shanghai

Last night, sodagreen rocked Shanghai. Like, really rocked. The concert was amazing, and my plan is to combine my thoughts on the concert with a summary of some of the news reports about Beijing and Shanghai in the next day … Continue reading

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A New News Digest!

Because we haven’t had one of those in a while, and because I have a lot of grading to do. And frankly, because I just like news digests. I should do them more often, really I should. Somewhere along the … Continue reading

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Mainland Indie Rock bands touring the US

Wow, more great music touring news. First, a confession: Hedgehog and several other artists from the largest Chinese indie rock label, Modern Sky, toured the US in September. I saw the news about it, then got all tied up with … Continue reading

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Won Fu on the West Coast

Just in case you missed this comment, I wanted to note that Taiwanese band Won Fu, which plays 60’s style pop rock, is going to be visiting several destinations in Washington, Oregon and California over the course of the next … Continue reading

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Journalistic Integrity

I was reading along in this account of the Nanjing DNA concert last night, sorta nodding along with the comments about high technology and why DNA, when I reached this part of the last paragraph: 而主唱阿信则带动乐队演唱了《终结孤单》、《恒星的恒心》、《乱世浮生》、《恋爱ing》等经典歌曲,还有写给梁静茹等其他歌手的《燕尾蝶》、《听不到》等。自己的歌,别人的歌,新歌,旧歌,到了现场都成了五月天的歌。到了《知足》、《倔强》、《温柔》、《最重要的小事》等保留曲目时更是全场合唱。 Wait, was this person … Continue reading

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Nanjing and I Explore Our DNA

The first thing I learned last night is that it is every man for himself at a mainland Mayday concert. Maybe that’s true everywhere but Toronto; I have no experience with it in Taipei or Singapore or L.A. But within … Continue reading

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soda-live in Taipei

Okay, think back in time a few weeks, and imagine you were among the thousands of dedicated sodafans who gathered to enjoy the band’s second appearance at the Taipei Arena. The band was as funny and clever as always, though … Continue reading

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