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DNA San Jose

April 11, 2010. Mark your calenders and order your tickets. I’ve been neglecting Mandopop for the last week and a half in favor of Korean rock (specifically, Crying Nut and Yoon Band/YB), for the simple reason that I was in … Continue reading

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In which I admit I don’t understand Chinese t.v. among other things

If the Mayday NFL program is broadcasting anywhere at any time, I haven’t found it yet. But here are more behind the scenes videos, and here’s another article with pictures of the trip. (I think my favorite part of that … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends from “Modern Music”

I was paging through my latest copy of “当代歌坛” (Modern Music Field), a magazine to which I subscribe, when I noticed a few bits of news I hadn’t yet run into online. That is to say, I’m sure they’re all … Continue reading

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Mayday Concert Potpourri

It’s concert news, a-go-go! Or perhaps I’m unusually punchy this Friday evening. Hard to tell. (Okay, I tried to write this Friday, but my computer had the sort of hissy fit I had always associated with a PC, not a … Continue reading

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