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Mayday’s NFL Adventure, episodes 4-6

I took a little time this holiday weekend to catch up on Mayday’s NFL adventures, still ongoing every Thursday night on CCTV-5 at a little past my bedtime. Episode 4, which I watched here: Masa, you ham. “If they didn’t … Continue reading

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Christmas Concerts

First and foremost, a HUGE congratulations to Stone and Gougou on the birth of “Little Little Stone.” (So Stone has two boys and Guanyou has two girls? Adorable.) Mayday is in Shanghai this week, playing Christmas concerts with a little … Continue reading

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Broken records, advancing years

Mayday’s 50,000+ person Kaohsiung concert was last weekend, and by all accounts it went swimmingly. They were under less pressure than they usually are in Taipei, in that the mayor – pleased with the band bringing people to the city … Continue reading

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Bah humbug.

The MTV Music Awards for Asia were held last week, and I don’t care about the outcome. I arrived at that decision after reading this article, which noted that Fahrenheit beat out Mayday and sodagreen as the best group from … Continue reading

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At long last: the Mayday NFL kickoff

…which was actually two weeks ago, when I was in Korea. The next episode was a week ago, when I was celebrating Thanksgiving with my visiting mom. But here we are at week 3 of Mayday’s NFL adventure for CCTV-5. … Continue reading

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