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Here we go again

It’s actually been a while since we’ve had news on this order, but all that means is that we’re due. Former Chengdu “Super Boy” singing contest participant Xi Jiachuan (席佳川) revisited the Chengdu show this year and complained about how … Continue reading

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Guest Post: DNA 2010 in Singapore

[This post comes to us from Fallacy, who attended last weekend’s open-air Mayday concert in Singapore. She’s got a lot of great information for us on how the new DNA 2.0 concert is shaping up, and what exactly makes it … Continue reading

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Is this so wrong?

I was on YesAsia trying to decide if I wanted the DNA concert video or not – I will have seen the show live twice, do I really need a DVD of it that I’ll probably never watch? – and … Continue reading

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Just when I think we’re safe…

…they’re baaaack…. Oh, Ashin, how you break my heart. And while I know I should be thankful that you are wearing an actual jacket (even a tux jacket with tails) and not simply one that has been printed on a … Continue reading

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The Mayday Madness

The march of the DNA tour continues on, and most of the news continues to focus in that direction. In case you missed it, xoxoxobexoxoxo shared her pictures from the New York/Connecticut concert here, and Steve wrote up a review … Continue reading

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Guest Post: Los Angeles DNA Concert

[This brilliant (and thorough!) concert report comes to us from Pearlejam. Sounds like a great time – I’m more than a little bit jealous. The closest I came to the guys last week was posing by a concert promotion poster … Continue reading

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I do not believe…

… for one second that when the boys in Mayday get together to watch sports that they like to drink a nice, refreshing Pepsi. I mean, come on – these are the beer boys. With the possible exception of Ashin. … Continue reading

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