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Golden Melody Results

I forgot to mention it before I left, but I’ve been out touring Vietnam and assorted other locations for the last week, and – gasp – did not bring my computer with me. I’m heading stateside tomorrow, and traveling still … Continue reading

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No jail time for Guanyou

So. Remember last summer when Mayday drummer Guanyou got caught up in an illegal operation to buy and sell stolen cars? His story was that it was all an accident, as the famously frugal father tried to get a good … Continue reading

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In which the Chinese media is just a tad too invasive

Do you ever read stories about hospitalized American (or Canadian, or British, or Australian) stars and think to yourself, “What this story really needs is a good photo of said star stretched out on a hospital bed. In a hospital … Continue reading

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No Masa, Ashin will never let the rumors die

You know, I said years ago that Ashin’s periodic playfulness with the press it at least partly responsible for the Masa and Fish rumors lingering as long as they did. Fish would deny, Masa would deny, then Ashin would hint … Continue reading

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DNA Hong Kong, redux

If you think you were busy last weekend, imagine how a certain five bandmates must feel. Over the weekend, Mayday held four concerts in Hong Kong, the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh shows in that city since this tour began. … Continue reading

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