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One song, two languages

The link to the video for sodagreen’s Mandarin version of “No Sleep” has been floating around Facebook, and it has me thinking about when one song gets recorded in two languages. Often, the second recording really suffers – the original … Continue reading

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In which all the news is less interesting than my spam mail

Because my email address is on this website, the account gets a truly awe-inspiring amount of spam. This has made me somewhat of a connoisseur (though it has also made me a bit slow on replies to real mail, since … Continue reading

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What the…

Alright, I am unabashedly pro-Leehom in the most fundamental of the Mandopop wars, and I’ve maintained my steady fan status through the fancy concert pants and slightly dodgy lyrics. But what the hell is this look? What a monstrosity – … Continue reading

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Now this is what I like to see

Call it coincidence, call it fate, but Mayday has officially scheduled their 3D concert movie to open opposite the Taiwan arrival of Cowboy Jay’s Hollywood-filmed Green Hornet. That’ll be an interesting weekend at the box office. I remain deeply skeptical … Continue reading

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