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Mayday fan service: An offer of a trade

This is from Steve, of MaydayBlue: “By the way, not that Mayday is getting “old” yet, but I’m running out of room for Mayday stuff in my apartment. If anyone wants a complete set of the “40,000 People” concert from … Continue reading

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Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA

I thought that that the Mayday 3D DNA Concert tour movie was supposed to be released now? Remember all that talk about taking on Jay’s Green Hornet at the Taiwan box office? But contrary to all expectations, Mayday is all … Continue reading

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Ashin’s Blog: When do new songs become old?

[Ashin’s January 21st entry on his Sina blog poses an interesting question.] It used to be that I said any song my mom and dad liked to listen to was an “old song.” Similarly, any song I liked could be … Continue reading

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