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For old times’ sake: How about a Masa/Fish joke?

So, it may feel like Mayday has abandoned us Anglophone types – or it may have seemed for a while there like I had abandoned Mayday – but rest assured, neither case is actually true. The band spent the weekend … Continue reading

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Random Chinese Music Factoid of the Week

I did not figure this out until I listened to Suming’s album. First of all, I love Suming. After all, he was the man who (with Totem Band) gave us this: “Over There I Sing” was a breakout hit for … Continue reading

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Association of Music Workers of Taiwan Annual Awards

Every year, the Association of Music Workers of Taiwan name their ten best albums and songs of the previous year. Usually these come out before the Golden Melody Award nominations, but some years (like last year) we wait anxiously for … Continue reading

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This needs to be mocked, openly and often

For the love of all things Mandopop, what is the Cowboy wearing in this picture? I mean, Ashin pulls some pretty dodgy things out of his designer brain, but at least he’s sticking with 80s fashion, not actually trying to … Continue reading

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22nd Golden Melody Awards Nominees

…and I’m doing my annual rant against Cowboy Jay. Seriously, though, when half-hearted, thrown-together albums for Jay are really the best the industry has to offer, they’ve had a painfully tough year. Though generally speaking, I don’t really buy that … Continue reading

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She lives!

Well, it’s officially been so long since I’ve posted (not to mention cleared the spam comments – I’m still wiping all that stuff off my fingers) that I feel a certain freedom to make grandiose confessions. For example: it took … Continue reading

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